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Our Story & Invitation

Greece in ‘crisis,’ and our World’s uncertain future has been the inspiration and catalyst of AoHAthina. We are a group of friends who have lived first-hand the rapid disintegration of our economy, loss of national sovereignty, and social system. This has invited us to step more fully into what calls us, to create the conditions for ourselves to transform personally and lead our lives towards a world we want for ourselves and the next generations. We are practitioners and stewards of the Art of Hosting and Harvesting Meaningful Conversations / Participatory Leadership, a self-organising global community of practice.

We are based in Greece, Canada, Ireland, UK and Israel and work world wide.

We now want to take our individual practices to scale, so we have created AoHAthina, a social cooperative, to create a ‘learning laboratory’, a safe yet challenging space for emerging and mature leaders to step into what calls them, to become an ecosystem of participatory leaders shifting individual practice to collective presence in service of the flow of life.

We invite you to join us to bring what you are working on and passionate about to make a systemic difference together.

Domains of Our Work

We work in multiple domains and levels simultaneously in order to create a systemic approach to learning and applying. We have found through experience, that our learning can go to a wider and deeper scale when we move from working at an individual level to collective and translocal levels. We believe that the imperative for discovering new ways of living is needed rapidly to counteract against the ecological, social, political and economic collapse that is taking place.

We specifically work at the level of building capacity to deepen relationships and partnerships as a strategic competence to navigate collectively the increasing complexity of our world. We design and architect processes based on need and purpose so that diverse groups of people can travel together in search of solutions around complex challenges. We create the conditions for people to find their own ways forward by offering minimal but optimal structures, hosting participatory methods and capturing the collective intelligence that emerges for the benefit of the whole so that progress can be made.


We support individuals to step more fully into what calls them so they can be their own leaders. We also invite people to see a new worldview on a living system perspective that is based on participation, relationship and interconnection. From this foundation, we support the development of a participatory approach to leadership that focuses on creating the conditions for new innovation and creativity, rather than directing others to a predetermined place. This supports leaders to host themselves, as well as be in their personal mastery, navigate complexity and produce in times of uncertainty.


We work with teams, organisations, and communities who are in pursuit of a collective purpose that requires new forms of application. We bring new ways of working that are based on regeneration through collaboration, as well as working creatively with conflict, complexity and uncertainty. In particular, we support with architecting process, so that relationships of collaboration are created and go to work in discovering new innovative solutions.


We create connections between people in different localities and regions, weaving together cultures, projects, and prototypes into greater systems of influence. This takes the form of social labs and Third Spaces, hybrid spaces where people from different places, sectors and experiences can create new cultures of living and working together. We bring a combination of learning, prototyping, practicing and scaling as a community of practice so that a wider field emerges and a body of knowledge is created.

Our Services

  • Workshops & Training


    Core to AoHAthina is offering safe yet challenging spaces for learning, therefore being a Learning Laboratory, where we learn how to lead, navigate and co-create in these changing, complex and uncertain times. Our hallmark training is the Art of Participatory Leadership, a three day training where people learn a new form of leadership based on creating the conditions for participation. We also offer more specific programmes and workshops that deepen people into being practitioners and practicing with others.

  • Process Consulting

    We support individuals, teams and organisations within the public, non profit and private sectors with processes where new collective intelligence and application is needed. This includes public sector consultation processes or stakeholder events, organisational development of new cultures, as well as strategic development of teams and personal mastery for individuals.

  • Projects & Initiatives

    We initiate projects and initiatives with partners, where we prototype new translocal ways of living and working. The areas and themes we work on are wide and varied as we work with what we most care about and find others who do as well. We work on projects worldwide, yet we especially put our efforts on a regionally basis within the Eastern Mediterranean Region and Europe.

  • Community of Practice

    To widen the scale of impact of our previous three services - trainings, process consulting and projects - we work with creating a community of practice, where cohorts of people move beyond learning individually to become communities that learn together. This exponentially increases the opportunity of having a systemic impact.

Upcoming Workshops & Trainings

AoPL Training 2019

Art of Participatory Leadership

March 15-17, 2019
Impact Hub, Athens

Visual Practice Workshop

April 5-7, 2019
Impact Hub, Athens

Our Team

Maria Scordialos

Maria Scordialos

Vanessa Reid

Vanessa Reid

Yitzhak Mendelson

Yitzhak Mendelson

Kieron Concannon

Kieron Concannon

Marianna Asimakopoulou

Marianna Asimakopoulou

Stella Skordialou

Stella Skordialou

Dimitris Stratakos

Dimitris Stratakos

 Eirini Vanikioti

Eirini Vanikioti

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    I have been facilitating groups and running stakeholder engagement processes for 30 years but the art of hosting provided a new approach to engaging people around their most cherished values and beliefs.

    - Participant, 2015 AOPL Training Athens -

  • +

    Immersive learning and rich, deep connections.

    - Tolulope, Participant, 2017 AOPL Training Athens -

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    This is the best training I have had in the 20 years I have worked in the European Commission.

    - Senior Manager European Commission -


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